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    How to add a column to a list created with the Dynamic List Wizard to display the values of the fiel


      ADDT, Vista, WAMP5.0

      We have 2 tables: clients_cli (id_cli, name_cli, tel_cli, and several more fields) and cases_cas (id_cas, idcli_cas, court_cas, and a lot of other fields).

      Clients may have many cases, so table cases_cas have a foreign key named idcli_cas, just to determine which case belongs to which client.

      We designed the lists of the two tables with the Dynamic List Wizard and the corresponding forms with Dynamic Form Wizard.

      These two forms are linked with the Convert Dynamic List and Form Wizards, which added a button to clients list named "add case".

      We add a client and then the system returns to the clients list displaying all clients, we look for the new client just added and then press "add case", which opens the Dynamic Form for cases, enter all case details and everything processes ok.

      However, when we view the cases list it display all the details of the case, including the column and values for the foreign key idcli_cas. As you can image, it is quite difficult for a human to remember the clients ids.

      So, in the cases list we added a another column, named it Name, to display the names of the clients along with cases details. We also created another recordset rsCli, selected the clients_cli table, displaying all columns, set filter id_cli = Form Variable = idcli_cas then press the Test button and everything displays perfect. Press ok.

      Then, we position the cursor inside the corresponding cell of the new Name column, go to Bindings, click on name_cli and then click on insert. The dynamic field is inserted into the table cell as expected, Save the page, and test in browser.

      The browser call the cases list but fails to display the values of the Name column. The Name column is simply empty.

      This issue creates a huge problem that makes our application too difficult to use.

      What are we doing wrong?

      Please help.