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    Insert Record with Text Box that auto recognizes database info

      I am trying to build an insert record form with Dreamweaver CS3 and developer toolbox. I've got the form down, but I need to add functionality to a text box so that as a user types it makes suggestions from one of my tables and recognizes if what the user is typing is not in the database. When the user types an existing value, the record needs to use this as the value it inserts. When the user types a new value it needs to add the value to a different table from the rest of the form (company table) then also use that company to insert into the comments table that the form is meant to update.

      How would I accomplish this? I believe it works like some of the social bookmarking sites that recognize the tags you have previously used and as you type makes them available to you. Can anyone help me out with at least a starting point?