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    stuck.. Create Dynamic List Wizard but not sure what to use for the detail/form page

      I created a dynamic list page using the:

      developer toolbox --> Dynamic List --> Create dynamic list wizard

      now I am stuck on which tool to use to create the form add/edit/delete page.

      Was wondering if someone could point me to the right direction???

      I thought I was to use the Create Dynamic Form Wizard.. but I get the following error when passing the data.

      Internal error.
      Developer Details:
      SQL error: Error creating temporary table:
      You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'order TEXT, id TEXT, kt_pk_categories TEXT)' at line 1
      CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE KT_fakeRS_20071205 (categories TEXT, deleted TEXT, order TEXT, id TEXT, kt_pk_categories TEXT). (MULTIPLE_FAKE_RS_ERROR)
      tNG Execution Trace - VIEW

      * tNG_multipleInsert.executeTransaction
      o STARTER.Trigger_Default_Starter
      * tNG_multipleUpdate.executeTransaction
      o STARTER.Trigger_Default_Starter
      * tNG_multipleDelete.executeTransaction
      o STARTER.Trigger_Default_Starter
      * tNG_multipleInsert.getRecordset
      * tNG_multipleInsert.getFakeRecordset*