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    Creating a Search form 3 text boxes

      I am still new to the developer tool box but I was wondering if anyone had tips or a "how to doc" creating a simple search to a mysql db. I am only going to be looking at 2 tables in the db and would like to have the ability to enter partial text and return results.

      Like I said I am not sure if the developer tool box has something built in, is there a plugin I could purchase or is there a great "How to" document written???

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          Günter Schenk Level 4
          Hi Beachbum,

          ADDT doesn´t provide any "advanced database search" sort of plugin, although you could use its "Dynamic Lists" to implement something similar -- as you probably know, ADDT´s dynamic list can have multiple filter criteria which (when using text input fields) by default work with partial text.

          As it´s actually possible to strip ADDT´s lists from - in this case - unwanted elements such as links to edit forms and rather replace them with e.g. a link to a "view details..." page, this could be a reasonable solution.

          Dunno (and doubt) if this would work with searching against 2 tables, but this is a quite complicated scenario which usually would require some hand-coding anyway.

          Günter Schenk
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            I found the following tutorial, however it doesn't address PHP. So I wondering if someone could provide me with the PHP values or point me towards the right direction.

            http://www.adobe.com/support/ultradev/building/multiple_param_search/multiple_param_search 09.html

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              Found my answer on this page.. tried a couple things and got it working!!