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    How does lfile created using Dynamic List Wizard work with "delete" page

      I am a bit confused as to how the Master list [created by the "dynamic list wizard" works with the edit page [created with the "update record wizard" and the delete page.

      When I set up the Master list with the dynamic list wizard, it asked what 'detail' page to go to. I thought it wanted to know what file to go to when one clicks to edit or delete a record. I chose my update/edit file [it did not make sense to me that it should go to a different 'detail' page as I already have the detailed edit page for updates.

      When I run the Master list and click on edit, it goes to edit page. Then my Edit page takes me back to the Master page - just as I planned with the changes I made. Perfect!!

      How do I make the "delete" buttons work like the edit buttons? I could not see anywhere in the "dynamic list wizard" setup to tell it to go to a delete page when I click on delete. So, what happens when I click on delete? It asks if I want to delete the record and when I click 'yes', it takes me to the edit page. It does NOT delete the record.

      It seems to me that if the delete button was working like I expected it to, that there would not be a need to have a 'delete page at all'. I click on "delete", it asks if I am sure and I click yes. Should it not just return me to the master page to show that the deleted record is in fact deleted?

      Please help me understand how to make the delete button on my master page work as well as the edit button does. Thanks!!