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    Login Problems

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      I set up the login using the login page wizard. I followed the instructions exactly. I re uploaded all the includes file and the login file I created. When I run the file and try to login, I am getting a message that my password is wrong. I KNOW I am using the correct password. In fact, just to be certain, I opened up phpadmin and copied it then pasted it into the login page.

      The only thing I questioned when I was using the login page wizard: I noticed in one section, under sessions, where the instructions suggested I would be able to remove the userid from "add session" id, I could not remove the Id, which is the primary key in my db. But I set up the 'email address as the user name.

      I uploaded everything to my website and tried to login from there. Same problem so I tried to send my email to myself and this is what I got:

      Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxxxx/forgot_password.php:19) in /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/xxxxxxxx/includes/common/KT_functions.inc.php on line 464.

      Please help.
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          Wow! After all those errors it sent to me, it still sent me an email with my password. Problem is that that it is nothing like my actual password. So I logged in to my host site phpadmin to take a look. It changed my password but it is encrypted.

          If I don't like the new password it gave me, now what do I do? It seems it does not want to let me put my own in????

          Now, this would not be so bad if I weren't doing the site for someone else who does not even know about .0000000001 % as much as I do. But it is going to be pretty embarrassing if I cannot tell them why their password no longer works [it worked fine before I tried the addt extensions] and why they cannot pick their own password.

          Please help!