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    URL vars unsafe

      I've got 3 tables.
      1. Users
      2. People (added by users)
      3. Messages to people.

      Visitors can register to become a user. Then they can add people (2) to there account (there is another table which handles this) and leave those people messages (3). No problem.

      Now I'd like to add a button that emails all the people of the current user and send some variables along the way. No problem either.

      The problem really starts there. I'd like to force people to convert there 'people' account (table 2) to a user-account (table 1). Reassons for this are a) easier for users to create new people (you only need there emailaddress) and it wouldn't be very nice to add users without asking the individuals involved.

      What I'd like to do is to create a link inside the email that creates an account (if no account with that address excists) or add's the messages (the reference is oké) left to that user if on already is in the user table.

      My problems are: If I use URL vars people can change those and view other peoples messages with there own account.

      Hope someone can help.

      Kind regards.

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          Waleed Barakat Level 1
          you may be clear enough but anyone "me" included will ask you for a demo or something to see how it works i got you of course but need more clarification...

          i did project like this before but...

          user name: waleed barakat
          password: 2020

          after login try this:

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            Level 1
            Hi There,

            Thanks! Ik solved the issue by sending in two variables. I already create an table that links accounts. If I can find a match for the two variables and they do match (a long with another variable that has been set while sending the email) everything is alright.

            In my case this isn't to bad, cause even when people manage to find a working combination: 1 variable is there own unique emailaddress (which they have to use to activate the account and 2. a variable has to be set in the mother account that emails have been send. Therefor I can be sure no inintended reading of accounts can be done.

            Kind regards and thanks,

            ps if anyone is unclear about this and has questions: drop me a line. It took me a while for I figured it out myself.