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    File Upload::Insert/Update Error!

      hey guys
      hope you can help here
      I have a php/mysql page which is working fine to update customer records.
      I need to add a file upload to this.

      Nothing i do or try will achieve this.
      When using the Upload File insert from the Developer Toolbox in Server Behaviors I am presented with the following alert box:

      "There are no insert or update transactions on page. Please insert an appropriate transaction first."

      I can absolutely confirm that there is an update behavior on this page and its working 100%.

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          When you set up your forms, did you say that the source for the field in question would be a file?
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            I am having this problem also. Did you ever find out what was causing it?

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              No Michelle
              As yet I have had no success at all in getting this to work.
              I had no choice but to purchase a 3rd party product..AGAIN!
              Yet another failing with the so-called Developer Toolbox!
              $300 of ****
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                I'm fairly new to ADDT, but maybe this info will help.

                Did you create your Update Behavior using Dreamweaver's standard Update Record behavior. This would have been located under Application > Server Behaviors > Update Record ?

                If you used Dreamweaver's standard, built-in Update Record behavior, it will give the error you describe when trying to add the Developer Toolbox's File Upload behavior.

                You would need to use the Developer Toolbox's Update Record Form Wizard to create your Update page if you want to apply the Toolbox's File Upload behavior to your update form.

                This is located at Application > Server Behaviors > Developer Toolbox > Forms > Update Record Form Wizard

                Before you use this wizard, be sure you have a field in the database table you are updating to store the file name. When using the Update Record Form Wizard, at step 2, under Set transaction fields properties, select the field that will store the file name and change the options for that field as follows:

                "Submit as:" File
                "Get value from:" File field

                Then you should be able to apply the Developer Toolbox's File Upload behavior.

                To summarize, I don't think the Developer Toolbox plays well with the standard Dreamweaver Server Behaviors. The Developer Toolbox provides all of the same behaviors, with more advanced controls and options than the Dreamweaver standard tools. For Insert, Update, and Delete record behaviors, use the Developer Toolbox's tools at Application > Server Behaviors > Developer Toolbox rather than the standard Dreamweaver Insert, Update and Delete.

                I hope this info helps.

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                  I feel your pain. I had similar problems, and the solution for me was to delete ALL of the server behaviors from the page (from the server behavior panel), then in code view hunt down all of the remaining PHP that the toolbox had inserted. Having scoured the page of all PHP, I was able to get the file upload working properly by following the ordered instructions:
                  1) use the wizard to make an insert record form
                  2) select the file upload field and then insert a file upload server behavior
                  3) adjust my PHP environment in order to handle the incoming file sizes
                  (be sure to increase your POST size limit, your memory allocation to each PHP process, your incoming filesize limit, and your connection time limits to ensure that ADDT has the resources it needs to pull it off.