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    Date and Time format on Apache server

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      I have just purchased ADDT and am configuring the control panel to run with XAMPP and the Apache 2.2 server. Does anyone know what file I can open to see how Apache formats date and time?
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          I am using PHP and MYSQL with ADDT and assume you are using the same since you mention XAMPP. I realize XAMPP comes with SQLite but as far as I know, ADDT does not support that db.

          I'm not sure that you need to know how Apache formats the date and time. I am fairly new to ADDT and just use the default settings for date and time formats. I think you only need to concern yourself with how PHP and MYSQL handle dates and time.

          From my limited experience, if your site is setup as a PHP/MYSQL model, the ADDT default date and time format is set to match what MYSQL is looking for in a datetime field. The format being:

          2007-12-20 15:10:35 yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss

          ADDT makes it easy to update datetime fields in your database with the current timestamp. When you use the ADDT form wizards to create insert and update forms, you can set a default value for the date field to {NOW_DT} This is some ADDT specific code that tells it to insert the current timestamp into the database table row you are inserting or updating.

          ADDT tries to make it easy to work with dates and times by handling the formating for you. Something that can be a pain when hand coding PHP. I know there a lot of things ADDT can help with for date and time, including comparisons, and I have a lot to learn about it.

          Since you are new to ADDT, I strongly recommend visiting:


          This contains pdfs, flash tutorials, and lots of other info about ADDT. Don't be confused about the references to interakt, NeXTensio, and MX Kollection. As you may already know those are the previous names of ADDT and its various extensions. Also, these forums and the old interakt forums contain lots of answers.

          One more thing. If you are trying to add functions to manage database table data, such as listing data from a table and adding the ability to insert, edit, and delete that data, go for the Dynamic List Wizard and then the Dynamic Form Wizard. Using two fairly easy Wizards you can create all the functionality needed to manage a particular database table. Look for the flash tutorial, at the link I provided, titled:

          Dynamic lists and forms for the administration area

          I only mention it because at first I tried to add all this functionality one piece at a time which ADDT lets you do, but using those two Wizards to do the same thing is much easier than I could have imagined. Just these two wizards make ADDT worth it to me. Makes it a snap to build backend administration and such. But ADDT has a lot more power than just that.

          Hope this helps. Günter may chime in with more info or to correct me. :)

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            Hi Shane,

            thanks for this great and elaborate reply -- guess I couldn´t have explained it that well :-)

            Günter may chime in with more info or to correct me

            well, just 2 minor things:

            1. XAMPP does install a MySQL database engine by default

            2. "how Apache formats the date and time". Apache (the server) doesn´t format anything -- the date/time formatting is done with PHP ;-)

            Günter Schenk
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              Thanks, guys, I really appreciate the expert advice!