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    dynamic lists that refresh automatically-advice needed

      I have an insert form with a menu/list box that draws from my main table records. Right now we have over 11,000 records but I created a table that filters it down to about half that.

      What I want to do, is make it so that as the visitor to the site who is going to add a record when they get to this box and start typing in the name, it begins filtering that list further.

      For example, the field is for the sire of a dog record being added. As they type in 'brook' it would filter to all the sire names in the list that start with 'brook'.

      I have been reading about 'spry'. Is this the best option? What would be the best features to start trying?

      Thanks for your help!

      PS if you don't understand what I am asking, there is a sample on my website fortheloveoflabradors dot com, click for the pedigree database, login as guest then try it in the search box on the list.