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    PHP_ADODB discontinued

      I've read that PHP_ADODB server model sites created wit former Interakt's estension "Phakt" will be not compatible with ADDT as well as KTML and CSS menus extensions.
      It means that all developers that used phakt to develop their sites will not be able to manage or update them. All the code is good for trash.
      I think that is unacceptable. I created a lot of sites with that server model and Kollection.
      Someone in the same situation?
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          I have about 50 sites created with PHAkt. I will continue to work with older Dreamweaver instead to leave PHAkt and adodb!
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            I have to agree. I developed most of my PHP sites using ADODB. I purchased the upgrade thinking I would see newer and greater things. Instead I see a 1-3Year set backwards in over all functionality. I also own a developers copies of KTML4 and CSS menu. The dropping of these two products have forced me to rethink whether or not I want to trust Adobe as a development platform provider. Never mind the fact that Adobe has dropped what is widely regarded the best HTML editor on the market.
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              I wished I had read this forum before purchasing CS3 and the Dreamweaver Developers Toolbox. What a waste of money! Since I was not able to get the complimentary upgrade to the Toolbox as a stated on the InterAKT site, it cost $299 for something that lacked the features of the original product.

              As it turns out, I paid for a Downgrade!
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                If I may - the transition from 3rd party to in-house development means a complete reworking of the API. This takes time. Additionally, there are probably administrative issues and endless meetings over individual components and their distinct futures. I have always found the InterAKT extensions to be the smartest and the most robust. I have faith that, given a little time, the InterAKT team and the existing Dreamweaver development teams are going to pull even further ahead of any other web building environment.