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    Update record form

      I am having problems with inserting update record forms and Custom From from the wizards into php files. I am using Dreamweaver cs3 and Developer Toolbox.
      An Insert form works OK.
      The Update Form inserts into the page and can be accessed from the server, bit on attempting to update database I get the following message:
      [Q]Developer Details:
      No Primary Key Column was set. (UPD_NO_PK_SET)[/Q]
      [Q]tNG Execution Trace - VIEW
      * tNG_update.executeTransaction
      o STARTER.Trigger_Default_Starter
      o tNG_update.doTransaction
      + BEFORE.Trigger_Default_saveData
      # tNG_update.saveData
      + BEFORE.Trigger_Default_FormValidation
      + tNG_update.prepareSQL*
      o tNG_update.getRecordset
      o tNG_update.getFakeRsArr
      o tNG_update.getLocalRecordset
      o tNG_update.getFakeRecordset

      When using the Custom form wizard (inset and update) an {else} statement is inserted into the code and only the 'insert' button appears when I require 'insert', 'update' and 'delete'.

      Has anyone else experienced this - is there something I am not doing?