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    Redirect problem with ie

      I am having a serious problem with IE. Each time i use any page that has a form and require some kind of redirection upon form submition i am getting a IE Http 400 error - with message page cant be found. This is after it redirects me to the same page the form is on. The thing is that the same page works perfectly on all other browser but not on IE. Any one has any experience with this kind of error?
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          Not sure this is enough info to give you a hint at what might be going wrong. Are you using PHP MySql for your server environment? Windows, Unix, Other?

          400 is a very generic error message. Here is what World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C - w3.org) standards define it as:

          10.4.1 400 Bad Request

          The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax. The client SHOULD NOT repeat the request without modifications.

          The server you are using (apache, IIS, or other) is not liking the request sent to it. Very strange that this is only happening on IE.

          From doing a little googling on the topic, unfortunately, it seems your problem could come from lots of different sources. However, it might be as simple as having an extra space or character in the wrong spot in your code.

          I spent several hours today tracking down a problem that came down to having one extra space in an include file that caused the returned page to be blank with no headers, error message, or anything :0

          Let us know if you figure it out.

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            Thanks very much for your response. I am sorry for not giving all the info i should have. I am using an apachie 1.1 server running php 5 and mysql 4.x. I have still not gotten over this issue with IE. The site even work perfectly with safari for window without any problems. Only ie is it giving trouble on. Please i need your help.
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              From the tests that i have been doing with the IE browser in an attempt to resolve this issue, i have found out that this redirect problem is now reduced from every page that has a form using the Dreamweaver Developer kit to only the Login and Registration Pages. These are the only pages that uses the default {kt_login_redirect} for redirection. All the other pages are redirected based on my settings. Can any one assist me with this please. Thanks in advance.
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                Try this just for testing purposes.


                $loginTransaction->registerTrigger("END", "Trigger_Default_Redirect", 99, "{kt_login_redirect}");

                To something like:

                $loginTransaction->registerTrigger("END", "Trigger_Default_Redirect", 99, "test.html");

                Be sure to make a test.html file so that you can tell if it works.

                I'm not an expert on this, but from what I know {kt_login_redirect} is an ADDT variable because it will change depending on several factors. If you setup multiple user levels with different redirects it will change depending on the username/password, or if the login fails it is a different redirect.

                By changing "{kt_login_redirect}" to "test.html" you can test to see if "{kt_login_redirect}" is the problem. Once you change this, it should redirect to test.html no matter what happens with the login. If this works, you probably need to check your Login settings in the ADDT Control Panel. Make sure to change the code back to "{kt_login_redirect}" so that your pages will work properly.

                Why this would only be a problem with IE, I have no idea, but hopefully this might help you narrow down the issue. Also, have you tried this on IE 6 and IE 7? I would not be surprised if it worked on one and not the other.

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                  Thanks for your response. I have already tried substituting {kt_login_redirect} with login.php. It does work fine with IE 6 and 7. Unlike what you said the page does also give error message if you have wrong user and pass. The {kt_login_redirect} does make the login operation smoother by passing you to the appropriate page based on settings declared in levels. With no {kt_login_redirect} you are passed to the same page irrespective of level.
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                    Yeah, I was wrong about login redirect happening even if the username or password fails. The code first checks the username/pass against the database before redirecting to {kt_login_redirect}. I'm pretty sure that the redirect code sets a header like:

                    header('Location: success.php');

                    where success.php is what you set as the redirect page for that type of login.

                    I think that for some reason IE is choking on the redirect header. I would check all my settings in the ADDT Control Panel under Login Settings. Check the User Levels tab and see if there are any spaces trailing any of the redirect links. Look for spaces or strange characters in the "Define global redirect pages" links and the "Define user level information areas" links. It may be that you have a link like "success.php " with an extra space in it, rather than just "success.php" You may even want to change all the redirect pages to differently named test pages to help you track down the problem.

                    I realize this is a bit of leg work, but I can't find any reference to other people having this issue. For some reason IE does not want to parse the header that it is getting, but the other browsers are ok. This leads me to believe that the problem is a bad space, or character in the header that IE does not like or cannot handle.

                    Let me know if you figure it out.

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                      My {kt_login_redirect} returned a URL that included the doamin name twice. Like

                      In the Update Record Transation window, After Updating, go to says {kt_login_redirect}
                      How do I correct this problem?