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    Dynamic form "Cancel" redirect  problem in frames - bugfix?

      My question: Is there a "long run" down side to my implementing this modification to style.js?

      The below post by Ionut:MX Division Support Specialist worked for me as a solution to a current form "click cancel" redirect navigation problem:

      When a DWtoolbox dynamic form wizard form is placed on a page within frames, clinking on cancel does not return a user to the list that sent them to the form. The user is sent somewhere else.

      Begin Ionut post-------------

      If you don't need to add extra parameters to the "Edit" button, you can solve the redirect problem by editing the "/includes/skins/style.js" file and replace:

      nxt_list_edit_link_form(this, myinput.previousSibling.href);


      nxt_list_edit_link_form(this, a.href);


      Thanks Ionut for the tip and anyone in support for letting me know if this is a safe mod for the long run,

      Steve M