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    Login Issues

      I dont get it... seriously! I've used the Interakt Toolkit often enough to know how simple it is add a login form. I bought and installed the ADDT updated all the includes and now login just won't work. I even re-created the page from scratch for logins, turned off encryption, changed the table names, downgraded php to 4.3 and still nothing works.

      I'm starting to think its a bug in the login transactions for ADDT. Can you guys at Adobe/Interakt please take a look at this issue.

      Quick outline of my environment:

      1. Windows 2003 Server
      2. PHP 5.1
      3. Mysql 5
      4. DWCS3/ADDT 1.0


      I had to go back to Interakt and remove ADDT to get my stuff working again.
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          Waleed Barakat Level 1
          thanks for your post put you just give us all but the error message that facing you... you just said "still nothing working" what "nothing" means in php and Addt

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            glensbo Level 1
            Did you configure the control panel?

            I had some problems till I discovered that I could only have ONE table for login. Previously (I think) I made logins from different tables with no problems (apart from security?)

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              Level 1
              I have one table set for the logins. I get that I need to have the proper credentials to login and thats all (no other error message appears).

              It just keeps sending me back to the login page. I dont have encryption turned on for logins its a simple login table UID/PWD -UserID as the primary key. Thats it.

              Sessions seem to be working on the server and when I write session code by hand in php it works just fine.