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    Dynamic List - Error processing insertText tag: 'loop' parameter arrays must be...

      Hi, I'm using Dreamweaver CS3 and ADDT (PHP/MySQL).

      I have many forms that I created with "Create Dynamic List Wizard", and All it's working fine until now, suddendly when I enter an any form, click Application / Server Behaviors, I saw a red symbol "!" next to Dynamic List Layout, I clicked it in order to make any changes, and then when I tried to save I got the following error message:

      "Error processing insertText tag: 'loop' parameter arrays must be the same length. The 'loop' parameter 'tableCSSWidth' does not have the same length as the previous 'loop' parameter(s)."

      This is happening with others form in my application. I can made some changes through "code", but others no...

      I would like to know what its' happening with then "dynamic List" server behavior?

      I appreciate your help. Thanks!