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    Email will not send. Where do I put this code sting to fix it!? Please help.

      (IIS 5 - PHP - MySQL - DWCS3)

      My hosting service is IXWebhosing. All I'm trying to do is set up a registration form. However I can't register because the form can't send the automated welcome and activation emails.

      I get this error >
      c Developer Details:
      c E-mail couldn't be sent. Error returned: authentication failure
      c [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: 535, response: c 5.7.3 Authentication unsuccessful)]. (EMAIL_FAILED)

      I then contacted IXWebhosting support and they said >

      i I would like to bring to your attention that we have certain limits on i the smarthost server which is responsible for sending mails using php
      i mail() function from web servers. In order not to share these limits with i other customers on your server you should insert the following string
      i before php mail() function in your form:

      b ini_set('sendmail_from', 'user@domain.com');

      Where do I place this code? In, tNG_congif.inc.php or in another file? Or directly into the code that the "User Registration Wizard" made.

      This is a fundamental step in my site. Thank you for your help in advance!