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    Tutorial Announcement : Retrieve and display logged in users

    Günter Schenk Level 4
      Hi folks,

      it´s time to toot my own horn and announce yet another tutorial published on my site -- this one is called "Retrieve and display logged in users" and will show you, well, how to retrieve and display a list of all currently logged in users, what´s definitely a prerequisite "component" for developing advanced applications such as an Online Chat, where you need to to know who´s logged in or not

      As you all know, ADDT doesn´t provide this feature out of the box, so I´m going to explain how to automatically set a user´s "is logged in" status to Y/N on the login/logout pages. Oh well, and the last page shows you how to create that list in Dreamweaver.

      PHP_MYSQL only, though maybe easily adaptable for other server models, I dunno.

      Here´s the URL: http://www.guenter-schenk.com/tutorials/tutorial.php?id=5

      Günter Schenk
      Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver