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    Tutorial Announcement: exploring the Dynamic List´s Filter Conditions

    Günter Schenk Level 4
      Hi all,

      based on Paul Taylor´s recent Dynamic List related "How do I filter by date range ?" question I just published yet another (pretty long and in-depth) tutorial which will not just explain the available SQL Comparison Operators for numeric and date/datetime fields, but also provides three live demos to help you get an idea on how powerful this is.

      This tutorial will also show you how to add a "date range" and "price range" search to your Dynamic List based on separate columns -- and the intermediate to advanced user will learn how to apply a "Range" search on just *one* column, what´s something that has finally become clear to me these days :-)

      Perma-URL: http://www.guenter-schenk.com/tutorials/tutorial.php?id=6

      Günter Schenk
      Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver