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    Delete from Dynamic list problem

      Greetings another problem

      I have an application that is basically a shopping cart that lists the individual items in an order....I built this basically from the tutorial for an "Order Management System". However, that did not provide for removing individual items from an order. only deleting the entire order if the user saw a mistake or wanted to change their order. So I figured I'd use a Dynamic list filtered by the session variable 'kt_order_id' no problem got the list to display but the delete link next to each line item in the order does not work, I don't want to send them to a form to perform this action because I'm convinced that is not needed....I think I need special code to get the delete links to work, but do not know what to change....can someone please suggest a solution or where my problem may be.


      Fred Shequine
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          Günter Schenk Level 4
          Hi Fred,

          I don't want to send them to a form to perform this action because I'm convinced that is not needed

          you *will* have to send them to an ADDT "Dynamic Form" that´s containing the single/multiple delete transaction, otherwise it will not work. The Dynamic Lists don´t provide any functions for updating/deleting records from within, those actions are done with associated forms.

          Günter Schenk
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            Gunther thanks.....I just got it before you replied....thanks mate....I realized finally exactly what you said....I had to create the form on another page....for the delete function to work in the list. And further since the only function I want to allow them is to delete a line item from the list. They don't actually have to be sent to the form but the form must exist to make it all possible...I'll just remove the edit link...because in the case of my application its for a lending library, they don't need to edit quantities..they can only borrow one copy of any item at once.....problem solved !

            Thanks !