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    recording menu disappers

      When I have saved a project and when I push the "record" button to record additional slides the record window disappears and I can't stop recording because the recording window isn't available to stop recording and i have to close the application on the start menu and my work goes away because it isn't saved. a strange bug. I reinstalled your software but tht didn't make any difference. Could you please help.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          HI Swede1000 and welcome to our community

          I'm more than a bit confused by your post. You are saying you have already recorded and saved a project? So you later open it up to add to it but have issues with the "record window".

          So how did you stop the recording when you did it the first time, before you saved it? There is no dialog that remains on screen during the process of recording, where you click a button to stop it. Normally you simply press the End key to signal to Captivate you are finished recording. Another way is to simply click the Captivate icon in your Windows System tray. (Provided you haven't told Captivate to remove the icon from this area - You do this via Options > Recording Options... > Hide Adobe Captivate system tray icon.

          Cheers... Rick