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    Error converting image (create thumbnail).

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      Maybe you can point me in the right direction.
      I have only recently started trying to use Dreamweaver CS3 and ADDT to
      do my PHP coding.
      I have had and used Dreamweaver and MX and MX2004 and Studio 8 etc. for
      I ran into a problem following the image upload tutorial online.
      I created the page to thumb_view.php and ran it succfully including
      clicking on a picture which then was view in full_view.php. The problem
      was I wanted to change the number of rows and col in the Horizontal
      I myust of done something wrong becuse it will no longer work. I even
      tried to undo without success. I even deleted the thumbs_view and
      started over without success. What do I need to do to get back?
      you can see error at:
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          Günter Schenk Level 4
          Hi Dave,

          that "Error converting image..." message indicates missing write permission for the "thumbs" folder created by ADDT, so you need to change the permission in ADDT´s configuration file.

          Please open the file "includes/common/KT_config.inc.php" and check the line that´s starting with the "$KT_folder_mode" variable, example:

          $KT_folder_mode = "755";

          In case this line is missing, please add it manually -- however, here´s where you can define the default permission for folders created by ADDT, and in case 755 doesn´t work, change that value to 777

          Günter Schenk
          Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver
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            Thank You Gunter,
            But could I have used the wrong behavior that would allow me to create the thumbs_view and link to the full size picture without creating the new folders? I have looked and there are no new folders.
            It worked until I tried to change the rows & col in the looper
            here is waht I find in KT_config.inc.php
            // Array definitions

            // Start Variable definitions
            $KT_db_date_format = "yyyy-mm-dd";
            $KT_db_time_format = "hh:mm:ss tt";
            $KT_screen_date_format = "m/d/yy";
            $KT_screen_time_format = "hh:mm tt";
            $KT_prefered_image_lib = "gd";
            $KT_prefered_imagemagick_path = "";
            $KT_prefered_tidy_path = "";
            $KT_prefered_aspell_path = "";
            $KT_file_mode = "644";
            $KT_folder_mode = "755";
            $KT_default_image_quality = "80";
            // End Variable definitions
            FYI: I changed the images folder permissions to 775 and then 777 before it would create the thumbnails folder.