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    Edit User Profile How do I enalble user lo loggin to their own profile page and edit it?

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1
      I am having some problems....... any help would be nice

      I am using DWCS3 and ADDT toolbox extension wamp and phpmyadmin
      I am trying to create a site for people to be able to post a profile with a picture and info and display it in a dynamic table.
      I can create the form, a database and display the data on another page in a dynamic table all ok..... kind of.

      I can create a user registration system with ADDT.
      I can redirect them after registration to a post profile page, which has a form to upload details. I can then display those details on a user info page.
      I would like to allow logged in users to be able to click on a link to their own profile page , which would show the same form that was filled out in the post profile page, but would be already populated with their previously entered information. I would like users to be able to edit the content of the form and update the information in the database and automatically delete delete any previously entered information ( only in the fields that have been edited)
      How do I go about doing this?.... step by step?

      I want to allow logged in user to view their own profile not every bodies.... how do I do that?
      I have read on another post that to do something similar to this I should filter my database information using a session varialble MM_username that I think is created automatically after user logs in .... but I don;t know how to do this.... I really don;t understand is this the way I link my user to a page that only displays their info ? or is there another way?

      I would also like to allow only people who have posted a profile to be able to edit profile ...... do I do that by
      1. new user registers and is redirected to login page
      2. user logs in and is redirected to an index page that has a post profile button and a edit profile button but only the POST button is active ( and links to a form to post info ) and the edit profile button is linked to a " You must post a profile first" page ( with a link back)
      3 so user posts profile and is directed to an index page which has an edit profile button which is now linked to an edit profile page

      Does that sound correct?

      Any suggestions in getting all this to work would be much appreciated