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    Image marque

      Hi All,
      Im new to Flex3 and I'm creating a fashion site for a customer. The main part of the site is a scrolling marque which will display his collections. I found some code which scrolled text and have changed it to scroll and image.

      I have 2 problems which I hope to get some help with. First is to pause the scrolling image by moving the cursor over a picture. I've use the mx:move tag and created 2 script functions to pause and start the scrolling. When I move the mouse over the image it does not stop! full code attached. Second from the scrolling image if its clicked I want a larger version of the image to open, how can i acheive that?

      Thanks for any help on this!!

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          rtalton Level 4
          1) Is the code complete? It seems as though you are using a timer, but I don't see one???
          2) The Move effect "theTicker" does not specify a duration--how are you getting it to pause/resume?
          3) You've got your mouse events attached to the canvas component, not the image component. Mousing over the image will do nothing.
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            flyingfishnm Level 1
            Hi rtalton,

            Thanks for your reply! In answer to your points...
            1) the code is complete. I'm not using a timer as such but using a recursive call to the movetext method which repoisitons the image at each screen refresh. As I mentioned I'm very new to flex and I found a chunck of code that scrolled text, and I'm attempting to make it scroll images and do a few other things.

            2) As mentioned above the movetext method is being called recursively so thats kind of the timing. Getting it to pause is one of my problems!

            3) I've moved the mouse events to the image and still no joy, any further suggestions?