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    Send email to logged in user from hyperlink, without a form?

      I'm trying to achieve the following:

      When a user is logged into a specific page with restricted access, there's a link that when clicked, should send an email to their email address as referenced by their kt_login_id. There's no form on the page since there's no need to insert or update any information in the database.

      What I've done to try to achieve this:

      - I created the link to a second page that contains a Custom Transaction.

      - In the transaction's interface I selected my database connection containing my 'users' table, set the 'First Check variable' value to 'Entered Value' and left its other field empty.

      - I set the 'When finished, go to:' field to my previous page (the one with the link).

      - I created a Recordset that retrieves the email address of the currently logged in user ('email' column Filter: id = Session Variable 'kt_login_id').

      - I added a Send Email trigger, bound to the Custom Transaction.

      - I set the 'To:' value of the Send Email behavior to '{rsEmail.email}'.

      By following these steps, testing the link results in the following:
      i An email is sent to '@localhost' rather than the email address of the currently logged in user.

      If anyone has suggestions on how I might be able make the Send Email trigger send the email to the address of the currently logged in user, I'd be very grateful.