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    Link from the ADDT show thumbnail using the master datail page set?

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1
      For a start I am using phpmyadmin DWCS3 and ADDT

      I am trying to create a site where users can register and create a profile and upload a picture all in the same form. I can get most of that happening already..... with some small problems...... And after registration the new users info and pic is displayed in a dynamic table with a thumb and a link to a detail page ... Now...... I am getting very close to getting all this working.....

      I was following the create an image gallery tutorial ( and I am still using it for reference) Then I found the insert/ master detail page set... which is great so I follow the wizard and it all works well I can retrieve some of the information from my users post profile form and display it on a list users page then link from any of the fields ( say the Name field ) to the master detail page which displays all of their info, then I create another cell in the firt table and use the addt show thumbnail behaviour to display a thumb in the first table and use the addt show image behaviour to show a full size image in the master detail page and it all works well but in the master detail wizard I only have the choices of the recordset fields to choose to link to the master detail page....Is there any way to use the actual thumbnail created by addt show thumnail wizard to link to the detail page , still using the master detail page set?

      Any help would be absolutly great
      Have a nice day