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    upload info into a specific catagory using dropdown menus?

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1
      I am creating a kind of business directory that displays information about different kinds of bussinesses on different pages in different catagories ( a basic index /home page with links to different kinds of bussinesses..... bars, cafes, restaurants etc)

      I want to populate these links with information and pictures from one form
      I can already create most of what I need to get this working but......

      I cant figure out how to dirrect / upload the information in a form to one specific page ( say I am inserting info about a cafe and I want the info to go to only the cafe page )

      I would like to have a dropdown menu in my form that lists all the different catagories in my site (say bars, cafes, restaurants ect)and when I choose the a catagory from the menu , say I choose 'cafe'. When I submit the form I would like the info to only go to the 'cafe' page in my site that displays all the information about cafes.

      Is that possible?
      How do I go about it?

      thanks for reading my post and I hope someone has the answer
      any help would be great
      (hope I can answer some other peoples questions asap)
      Have a nice day