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    Insert Transaction Server Behaviors are disappearing

      Today while finishing the last of 6 forms that write to DB and send email, (using ADDT) I found that my "Insert Transaction" Server Behavior was gone from the Server Behavior window. It's still in the code and still writes to the DB, but gone from the Server Behavior list. Since it disappeared, I am not allowed to insert an Email Behavior because I get the error message "There are no insert, update, custom, login or delete transactions on the page. Please insert an appropriate transaction first."

      I don't know what happened.

      While trying to figure this out, I found that 3 of the 5 other forms were also missing their "Insert Transaction" Server Behaviors. These forms still work because they were completed before the behaviors vanished.

      The code is still all there just not in the Server Behavior Window.

      Can someone help me?

      Also, I see that the 2 forms still showing their insert behaviors have a maroon exclamation point next to them in the list. What does that mean? Are they about to disappear also?

      Please help!