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    Internal Error message - Need help please

      I have the administration aspect of my site done. It tests wonderfully on my testing server. Once I uploaded it to the web-server I get this error:

      Internal error.
      Developer Details:
      Error message:
      No database selected
      SQL statement:
      SELECT month,date,year,event,location,event_url,calendarID, calendarID as kt_pk_calendar FROM calendar WHERE calendarID =2 (UPD_RS)
      tNG Execution Trace - VIEW

      The only ADDT form that will work once posted to my web-server is the Dynamic Lists. So this is telling me that ADDT does not have a problem with my connection file. It's seeing the database.

      The live site works great too so there's not an issue there.

      I have uploaded the includes folder I don't know how many times.