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    Activation Email / Entourage2008 cuts link

      hello i use the register-activation and works well until now!
      since a few months is a new Mac Office 2008 on the market, whit a new entourage (Email-App).

      the new entourage cuts now the activation-key (random-number), so this means user whit entourage cant activate their accounts!

      solution ideas:
      im not familiar whit entourage, but maybe there is a setting option to display long-links in emails?


      modify the random number script, so it display a shorter key-link!

      any ideas what i should do or recommend users whit entourage?

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          I would first suggest looking into what setting in Entourage is causing the data to be stripped. The idea here is to get a scope of the whole problem. Can a setting in Entourage be changed to fix this? Since Entourage is changing things, the first pass of fixes should come in Entourage.

          If there is no solution within Entourage, then you need to find the filtering criterion causing your data be stripped and tweak the generated value for the key. Albeit, I would suggest getting a large public domain dictionary/word file ( http://www.google.com/search?num=50&q=public+domain+dictionary+file&btnG=Search )and using two or three random words put together as the new random key. Making the key too short will defeat the purpose of having it.
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            ok thanks sean

            well meanwhile i had the change to play whit entourage.
            AND SUPRISE
            in the Junk-filter Settings, if i turn of the Junkfilter it works!!

            always these MS-Security-Barrier`s!!!

            well hope now other MS-Email-Apps "for WINDOWS special" it works!
            any issues whit Windows Email-Apps, would be good to know.