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    Dates and convert to Unix Time Stamp using strtotime

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      I kind of asked this before but now I really need this to work since I'm currently creating a form using the Update Record Form Wizard and the Date Picker to add/update/delete tour dates and this DB was created years ago and uses Unix Time Stamps to enter dates in the DB (example: 1202596733) and I know ADDT's date picker automatically doesn't support that format but there's got to be some way to incorporate the strtotime PHP command into either the add page or the tNG.dispatcher.class.php file. But how? Has anyone experimented with this previously? I was on another forum and they told me to add this:

      $timestamp = strtotime($_POST['tourdate']);

      to my code but they didn't tell me where and nothing seems to work in making it happen. Anybody got a clue?