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    ADDT Register and Forgot Password Issues

      I have defined in my database columns for storing the maximum
      number of login attempts, the account disable date, registration date and expiration date and I have left these columns out of the registration form, but they are not receiving "the right values behind the scenes, in a transparent manner" as per the manual.

      In a perhaps related issue the 'Forgot Password' page is generating the following error:

      Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/html/forgot_password.php:19) in /var/www/html/includes/common/KT_functions.inc.php on line 464

      when it tries to redirect to the 'login' page. As both pages have been generated automatically by ADDT I am not sure where to start with tracking down the bug(s).

      Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!