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    Admin page for Real Estate site -

      Hi all. What a great forum...alot of useful info in these posts.

      I just wanted to layout a "basic" plan I have to build an admin page for a real estate site, and find out from the experts here if DW and ADDT would be able to do it.

      Admin login
      One page that lists all properties with add, edit and delete options.
      Once on the edit page, be able to add, edit, delete and rearrange multiple photos.

      I just would like to know if I'm on the right track here with ADDT.

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          Waleed Barakat Level 1
          sure you are, "in the right track"
          here is a link to the real estate website.

          i `ve made and the admin is so huge:
          lists of reals "add - edit - delete"
          today added reals
          today ends reals peroids of time for every added "real"
          and more more you can look

          just look because the site is in "arabic" language...