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    linkbar rollover color not being recognized

      Throughout my application I have various linkbars. Some are styled differently than others (colors, fontsizes), but rollOverColor is not being recognized by any of them. (rollOverColor, according to the Flex 2 Style Explorer, is the background color that appears on links when they are hovered over).

      According to a screengrab, the persistent rollOverColor for my linkbars is #d1eaf3. That's not the one I want. In doing a global search, #d1eaf3 is not set anywhere in the project.

      I want to set my rollOverColor to black, so I've tried to edit in in a css file:

      Linkbar { rollOverColor: #000000; }

      I've also tried a styleName as follows:

      .myLinkbar { rollOverColor: #000000; }

      And I've tried it inline:

      <mx:LinkBar rollOverColor="#000000" ...

      None of those work. The rollOverColor continues to be #d1eaf3. Does anyone know if I'm approaching this incorrectly?