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    Shopping Cart Recommendations

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      Hello All,

      I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a php shopping cart that can be rebranded, white labeled or private labeled?

      In the past I have written my own shopping cart for simple ecommerce sites, or used off the shelf solutions as well. Now I need a fully-featured php shopping cart that I can either remove the software company name and references, or private label with my own logo.

      Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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          I purchased Cartweaver, which comes with a 160+ page pdf file documentation clearly written and diagrammed and is fully customizable... Upgrading to newer versions is free and support good, I've heard... I'm looking forward to diving in to it this weekend... Otherwise, I would avoid Ecart, as I have heard many negative things about this company's extensions...
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            Thanks for the input. I am definitely considering Cartweaver for future use.

            Right now I am testing out Magento. They just released the 1.0 Production ready version. It is open source, which unfortunately usually means a big learing curve.

            The back end management is very slick though and many people are saying that this will be an excellent alternative to commercial shopping cart/catalog systems. The templating system seems a pain to learn though.