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    Quick Validation Query

    (Laurence_Lewis) Level 1
      Hi All

      What is this for


      It appears before the head section in a page. I know its to do with validating forms but why does it appear in this position.


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          Günter Schenk Level 4
          Hi Laurence,

          why does it appear in this position.

          why not ? :-)

          $tNGs->displayValidationRules() relates to the function displayValidationRules() located in the file "includes/tng/tNG_dispatcher.class.php", and it construct the Javascript to be used in a page for client side validation.

          All that javascript gets actually written to the document´s head, and when looking at the form´s source code in a browser, you will see stuff like that:

          KT_FVO['article_id'] = {required: true, type: 'numeric', errorMessage: 'Please make a selection !'}
          KT_FVO['headline'] = {required: true, type: 'text', errorMessage: 'Required !'}
          KT_FVO['page_number'] = {required: true, type: 'numeric', errorMessage: 'Required !'}

          KT_FVO_properties['noTriggers'] += 1;
          KT_FVO_properties['noTransactions'] += 1;

          ...and that´s why echo $tNGs->displayValidationRules(); needs to remain in the head

          Günter Schenk
          Adobe Community Expert, Dreamweaver
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            (Laurence_Lewis) Level 1
            Hi Günter

            Why not indeed :-)

            Thanks for the info.


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              Every time i create a form using the Adobe Develop tool box, I get javascript error when the page loads:

              KT_FVO is not defined

              But the links to the javascxript files are there, as created by the Wizard. Could someone please help! It comes up on all my forms.