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    CS3 uinstable on mac

    Goomi Level 1
      Does anyone here experiencing unstable performance of CS3 on Mac 10.5 ?
      The more complex the site is, or the more pages are open the more times DW will crash. DW + FW on a Mac is unbelievably bad on a Mac but lately DW has been crashing on a daily basis.
      Looking into Coda as an alternative. had enough with DW.
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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          What type of error are you receiving when it crashes?

          Have you tried contacting support from Adobe at all on this?
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            Goomi Level 1
            there is no error. just crashes. and quiting.

            Contacting Adobe? they never fixed anything related to CS3 why should I call them? the internet is full of angry Mac users who got poor product bundle in which Adobe and Apple are still arguing who fault it is. should I mention once again the horrific FW and the dam bouncing Acrobat dock icon...etc etc...
            I really hope that the new economy crisis will change the way people "consume" and we will start getting hi quality tested products and not just huge promises and marketing hype.
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              Ben M Adobe Community Professional
              Programs just don't crash. Errors are generated whether DW gives you an error or whether the error is generated into the Apple console.

              And if you don't contact Adobe and ask them how to fix your problem how do you expect them to fix anything? Just standing around posting on forums that may never be read by Adobe employees doesn't help anyone. If something is wrong you have to let someone know. It's like going to a doctor, saying your sick, complaining that you aren't getting any better. If you tell the doctor what is wrong there is usually a good chance they can help.
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                Goomi Level 1
                Thanks for the Doctor analogy. I have been using adobe products since 1995 (Aldus freehand, PS 3...) so please. I have pored thousands upon thousands on Adobe's upgrade which some where great and some, specifically latest are just dam poor and useless. hence not even thinking of CS4.
                YES. I did contact Adobe about a million time and received NOTHING! so this forum is the only place I can say what I want and if Adobe are listening then good for me and them.
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                  I have recently been experiencing some problem DWCS3 on the Mac where its swapping my the order of some of the closing tags.

                  example of code when I create it using DWCS3 on Windows or when I handcode using Mac Terminal:
                  <cfif>...some code...<cfelse><cfmail>...message...</cfmail></cfif>
                  But when I open the file in DWCS3 on my Mac, I see:
                  <cfif>...some code...<cfelse><cfmail>...message...</cfif></cfmail>

                  Note the order of the closing tags, which is causing havoc for me.
                  Any clues?