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    Looper Navigation


      I have a horizontal looper that I want to add record navigation to. I'd like to see "Page XX of XX" and then be able to go NEXT PREVIOUS FIRST LAST - but I can't seem to be able to find this anywhere. I know I've done it in the past with the old InterAkt extensions - but I can't find it in the tool box. The regular recordset navigation won't work because it says there is not a repeat behavior on the recordset in the loop.

      I'd appreciate any help. Thanks!
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          Hi James,

          Dreamweaver's native 'Recordset Navigation Bar' and 'Recordset Navigation Status' features should indeed work with ADDT's Looper. (I've used them together as recently as this morning.) Adding either will display the message you mentioned:
          i "The code for this item will be added to the page, but a repeat region server behavior needs to be added for the recordset in order to display the records".

          This isn't a problem. Interakt even recommended this method.
          http://www.interaktonline.com/Products/Dreamweaver-Extensions/MXLooper/Product-Forum/Detai ls/5715/

          I hope that's helpful. Post back if it causes you any trouble.
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            Well, it did work with the Recordset Navigation Status, but I still can't put a Recordset Navigation bar so I'm forced to have all the records show.

            I do see it on the page in DW, and when I upload the page, I do select include all dependent files, but when I look at it on the website, it just isn't there.

            Any help would be much appreciated.
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              And now I can't set the horizontal looper to show all the records. Every time I try to change it, it goes back to 5 rows 2 columns.

              This is driving me crazy!
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                KDS-Djembe Level 1
                Hi James,

                I've set up a really quick example using Dreamweaver's 'Recordset Navigation Bar' and 'Recordset Navigation Status' behaviors with ADDT's Looper. The content is images generated by the ADDT 'Show Thumbnail' behavior. I used a Horizontal Looper with 2 rows and 5 columns. You can view it here: http://www.tueller.net/fruit_looper/thumb_view.php

                b - Regarding the 'Recordset Navigation Bar' appearing in Dreamweaver but not when you upload the page...

                I'm not aware of anything that should cause this. (Typically when this sort of thing occurs to me, I'm guilty of uploading the wrong page, or something similar. But most people aren't as flaky as I am. :D

                Do you have the page posted somewhere online where I can see it?

                b - Regarding being unable to change the Looper wizard to 'All Records' when either 'Recordset Navigation Bar' or 'Recordset Navigation Status' feature is applied...

                I've noticed this as well. While the integration is less than perfect, this is actually somewhat logical. It wouldn't make much sense to have pagination features on a Looper that was set to display all records. After all, it would have nowhere to navigate to.

                Once you've added either the 'Recordset Navigation Bar' or 'Recordset Navigation Status' behavior, there is some code added to the page, that causes the 'All Records' option in the Looper wizard to be ignored. If you want to use the 'All Records' feature, you need to manually remove the code added by the 'Recordset Navigation Bar' or 'Recordset Navigation Status' behaviors. Here's how:

                In Design View, select the 'Records FirstRecord to LastRecord of TotalRecords' text and delete it. Likewise, select and delete the table containing the 'First, Previous, Next, Last' navigation. In Code View, locate and delete the section of code, somewhere above the DOCTYPE declaration, that begins and ends something like this:

                ] $currentPage = $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"];
                $maxRows_rsRecordset = 10;
                $queryString_rsRecordset = sprintf("&totalRows_rsRecordset=%d%s", $totalRows_rsIRecordset, $queryString_rsRecordset);

                Now, with all of the code related to those behaviors removed, you can open the Looper behavior via the Server Behavior panel and change its setting to "All Records' and set the column number.

                I hope that all makes sense. Good luck.