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    IE7 Login results in 400

      I am having a serious problem with the ADDT login. In FF2 and IE6 it works fine. In IE7 on some computers the login works fine. But on some computers in IE7 the login results in

      Bad Request
      Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
      Client sent malformed Host header

      I'm assuming it's some windows or IE setting but I'm at a lost because it works on some IE7 computers.
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          Someone else posted this same problem in this forum a few months back. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone had a good answer. You may try and reply to that post to see if the original poster figured it out.


          I think it has something to do with IE7 incorrecty parsing the page. My only advice was to check for wierd characters or extra spaces in the code.

          You may have to try some thing like this:

          echo "TESTING";

          to try and track exactly where the problem is. Of course you would have to start at the top of your page and keep moving the code down until you get the same Bad Request error.