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    blue links not returning to original color?

    mrcharis2003@yahoo.c Level 1
      Hi there Charis here again

      I am having some trouble with blue links not returning to their original color after presing them?

      The links start out the standard blue color and turn an off blue nearly purple color after I press them ..... which is ok but they do not return to the normal lighter blue color after the page is reloaded or refreshed even if it is reloaded on a different day.......?

      Please keep in mind that I am testing my sites locally using WAMP server but that should not make any difference

      any help would be great

      have a great day
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          This is something you can style with CSS. The purple link is basically html's standard color for displaying visited links.

          You can change this in the css skin files of ADDT, and I'm pretty sure you can add css styles to your html pages directly, or an external style sheet, to style the fonts directly.

          There's a bit of information regarding editing ADDT's css skins in the ADDT tutorial site and ADDT documentation.

          Basically you need to modify the existing ADDT css for the theme/skin you set in the ADDT control panel, or create an overriding css class to style those links.

          This is what an overriding class might look like:

          .formText {

          .formText a:link,
          .formText a:visited,
          .formText a:active {

          .formText a:hover {

          formText is whatever you want to name your custom css class. The above code tells the browser to display the text with color #FFFFFF for all text as well as for links that are active or have been visited. And to change the font color of links to #FAEC07 when the links are hovered over. text-decoration:none; and text-decoration:underline; tell the browser to display no underline on links, but to add the underline to links hovered over.