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    Dynamic list wizard - delete does not work

      I am using a dynamic list wizard for my site, and it successfully pulls all the record sets from the database. it also included all this extra things like delete, edit, add new etc.
      well when initially using the dynamic list wizard, on step 1 it asked me for a details page which I put in called details.php
      now when I place a check into some rows and select delete all, or when I just click the delete button on one row, it automatically redirects me to details.php without deleting anything.
      Please help, I have been at this for 6 hours now, and even created a new site in dreamweaver to start out fresh, and just used the dynamic list wizard for a new site, using the same database and info, it successfully pulled the records but when checkin things off and clicking delete or just clicking delete on a specific row, it just redirects me to the detail.php page, which is a blank php page with nothing in it cause this is a new site now.
      any ideas anybody?
      Thanks Alot