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    Tutorials announcement :: KTML4  Back To Life Again ::

    Waleed Barakat Level 1
      Hello everyone.
      Can any one Imagine that the "Greate KTML" Can be integrasted with "Dreamweaver CS3 Dynamic Forms" ???

      i guess yes, but how this is the point...

      Ok i`ll try to make it real by applying the "KTML" editor with the "Dynamic Forms", this will allow you to "insert, update, delete multible records at onece in addition of using such incredible tools.

      - So let`s get started.
      - Our application will be very simple, just insert record into the database throught "KTML".

      - Open the "Dreamweaver CS3"
      - Create New Page and name it "index.php"
      - Apply the insert record form wizard.

      ** See The Tutorials

      ** try the Demo