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    Dependant Dropdown - Format string as date?? And hopefully two dates as a range?

      I'm stuck - been trying to figure this out all afternoon and with a launch in 2 days am probably missing something obvious....so please help me!! hehe<br />I have the a dependent drop down.  The first one is a list of Locations and the second one is then populated by a list of dates that events will be at those locations.<br /><br />1st problem:  when I've been hand coding this drop down I am able to show the start and end date with something like:<br />echo date( 'l, M j', $row_getalldates['date_start']).' - '.date( 'M j',$row_getalldates'date_end']);<br /><br />b How do I translate that into one string to display in wdg:displayfield=""<br /><br />2nd:  Right now since I can't get the two values in...I'm just going with one value so I can continue with development till I figure it out.  <br /><br />I cannot get the date formatted as I usually do with the date() function I usually use. See: http://camp.studentlife.com/housing2/index.php?op=addinfo<br /><br />b SQL STATEMENT:<br />$query_getalllocations = "SELECT distinct(b.title),locationid FROM calendar a LEFT JOIN sllocations b USING (locationid) WHERE b.title is NOT NULL and a.date_start>$mstart_date and a.date_start<$mend_date AND (a.calid='1' ) GROUP BY b.title ORDER BY b.title ";<br />$getalllocations = mysql_query($query_getalllocations);<br />$row_getalllocations = mysql_fetch_assoc($getalllocations);<br />$totalRows_getalllocations = mysql_num_rows($getalllocations);<br /><br />$colname_getalldates = "-1";<br />if (isset($_GET['locationid'])) {<br />  $colname_getalldates = $_GET['locationid'];<br />}else{<br />     $colname_getcalendar = "-1";<br />     if (isset($_GET['eventid'])) {<br />       $colname_getcalendar = $_GET['eventid'];<br />     }<br />     <br />     $query_getcalendar = sprintf("SELECT * FROM calendar WHERE eventid = %s", GetSQLValueString($colname_getcalendar, "int"));<br />     $getcalendar = mysql_query($query_getcalendar);<br />     $row_getcalendar = mysql_fetch_assoc($getcalendar);<br />     <br />     $colname_getalldates =$row_getcalendar['locationid'];<br />     mysql_free_result($getcalendar);<br />}<br /><br />$query_getalldates = sprintf("SELECT a.* FROM calendar a WHERE locationid = %s and a.date_start>$mstart_date and a.date_start<$mend_date ORDER BY a.date_start ASC", GetSQLValueString($colname_getalldates, "int"));<br />$getalldates = mysql_query($query_getalldates);<br />$row_getalldates = mysql_fetch_assoc($getalldates);<br />$totalRows_getalldates = mysql_num_rows($getalldates);<br /><br />b ABOVE MY HEAD TAG:<br />//begin JSRecordset<br />$jsObject_rs_alldates = new WDG_JsRecordset("rs_alldates");<br />echo $jsObject_rs_alldates->getOutput();<br />//end JSRecordset<br /><br />b AND INSIDE MY FORM:<br /><select name="location" class="required" id="location" tabindex="1"><br />   <option value="0" <?php if (!(strcmp(0, $row_rs_alllocations['locationid']))) {echo "selected=\"selected\"";} ?>>SELECT LOCATION</option><br />   <?php<br />do {  <br />?><br />   <option value="<?php echo $row_rs_alllocations['locationid']?>"<?php if (!(strcmp($row_rs_alllocations['locationid'], $row_rs_alllocations['locationid']))) {echo "selected=\"selected\"";} ?>><?php echo $row_rs_alllocations['title']?></option><br />   <?php<br />} while ($row_rs_alllocations = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_alllocations));<br />  $rows = mysql_num_rows($rs_alllocations);<br />  if($rows > 0) {<br />      mysql_data_seek($rs_alllocations, 0);<br />       $row_rs_alllocations = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_alllocations);<br />  }<br />?><br />    </select></span></label></p><br />  <p><label><span><br />    <select name="date" class="required" id="date" tabindex="2" wdg:subtype="DependentDropdown" wdg:type="widget" wdg:recordset="rs_alldates" wdg:displayfield="date_start" wdg:valuefield="eventid" wdg:fkey="locationid" wdg:triggerobject="location" wdg:selected="SELECT YOUR CAMP DATE" ><br />    </select></span></label></p><br />1st I though it was the wdg:selected parameter that I could just throw make echo date( instead of just echo.   But no...that would be too easy ;)<br /><br />I figure its either in the "echo $jsObject_rs_alldates->getOutput();" above the head or hard coded into the included ADDT javascript files. Don't mind if I have to hard code as the site's lifespan is short