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    Show Thumbnail in Include

      I'm placing the show thumbnail behavior within an include file to be placed within another page. When I test the main page the include shows the no image icon. If I place the same behavior on the test page, it works fine. It just doesn't like being in the include. The include file has the path /assets/includes/IncShowthumbnail.php. The main page has the path /content/mainpage/MainPage.php. The show thumbnail calls for the image from /assets/images/folder/Image.jpg. The show thumbnail has the correct path from MainPage.php to the image - img src = "../../assets/images/category/Image.jpg". Not sure what the deal is, but I'm thinking the showthumbnail doesn't like to be within an include. Is this correct, or is there something in the support files for the include that needs to be adjusted? Any input would by much appreciated.