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    How bad could ADDT be?

    oicram Level 1
      First the default value in the Insert Record Transaction, that just can be a default! You put it there, he ignores! Great.

      I have created a link, select the link. And with my mouse, I have choose:

      Server Behaviors > Developer Toolbox > File Upload > Multiple Image Upload

      I Have Chose the upload folder and a subfolder.

      Then... I make a preview and I get this error:

      Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: tng_mimageupload in /home/blabla/www/www/admin/blabla/add_edit_dog.php on line 16

      And Line 16 as something like this:
      $multipleImageUpload = new tNG_MImageUpload("../../", "KT_Upload2", "conn_db_blabla");

      Each time I work with ADDT is a new error comming, ****!
      I hope someone could help me cas I'm tired of all this stupid errors.