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    And Next and Previous Buttons - Gallery

      I'm having this problem and hope someone can help me with it though.

      I just created a picture gallery grouped by albums and the full sized image is show like this url parameter:


      I want to be able to show next and previous links on this page (ie the page with the full sized image), but restricted to only images that belong to the current album. but because I don't have any repeat regions on the page, I can't figure how to make this work.

      Those of u who use facebook would understand what I'm trying to achieve, (though not with the ajax effect, but would love it if i can get something like that too.

      2. Apart from that can someone guide me on how I can easily select one of the uploaded pictures in an album to be it's album cover or something like that?

      PS:$next = $_GET['y'] + 1;, I might get a non existent image (last record, or deleted record) or recordset not found error because the album_id might be wrong. Eg, even though image_id=7 might exist, it might belong to album_id=3
      and so the recordset would be wrong