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    Tutorial Announcement :: Building Smart Tell Friend Application ::

    Waleed Barakat Level 1
      Hello everyone.

      how you doing. i hope you're fine.

      In this new tutorial we will learn how to make an easy and very "Smart" tell friend application.

      This application will allow your site visitors to send an recommend us message to their friends thought your website, the message will sent dynamically to three different friends at a time using "Send Email Trigger".

      Also the smart object here is "Using Show if conditional region" to Hide the entire form after the user click "Submit" button and show the "thank you" message, with whom the emails sent to.

      using this option make the application is only one form so there is no other page to redirect the use to after the form submitted.

      Are you ready,,, Go now for the application to see how it done...

      The Completion of this tutorial will only take "15 minutes" from you time, if you have a good knowledge of using Dreamweaver Cs3 And ADDT it will only take "5 minutes".

      So let's start...

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