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    Broken Delete button in Dynamic Form. For the ADDT gurus!

    benblue Level 1
      I have a feeling i may be at Günter's mercy on this one. Hope you have time to look at this; of course for any and all, the same applies!

      I have a dynamic list which i spent quite a lot of time with - rearranging elements within the ADDT generated KT_tng table. Just moving one recordset piece can take up to 30 seconds, so it takes QUITE a while with a lot of data to move.

      Anyways, i seem to have "broken" the delete button in mine. I hope someone can help me fix it, i really dont have time to redo all the changes i did to the dynamic list layout. (i did test as i went to make sure i didnt break it, but guess i just missed a piece..) I changed mainly the location of things, and CSS.

      I have an older version where the delete button works. I have compared but cannot find the answer. Both versions do everything else, live, with the database & their respective dynamic forms.

      I have all 4 files live, and unprotected, for now, and txt versions of all four. If you need to test anything with the live pages, its ok, most of the data is dummy data.

      Ive been saturated in ADDT dynamic lists, and dont have a background of hand coder, but am learning a lot, quick. so i have tried hard to understand this exact issue i created - im not looking for others to do my work. just my little disclaimer :)

      /* TEXT VERSIONS */
      /*Broken delete button*/
      /*Working delete button */

      /*broken delete button*/
      /*working delete button*/