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    Different browser settings?

      How can you make a website that will adjust accordingly with different browser settings? ie If the website is made for 1024 x 760 and an image is centrally placed, on a browser whose settings may be higher, this image will appear off centre. Can you adjust the website to rectify this problem? Thanks heaps.
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          *mista* Level 1
          Yes you can. If you're using div tags, put a wrapper div around your other div tags. Something like

          <div id="wrapper" style="margin:0 auto;">
          <div id="your div1">.... content...</div>
          <div id="your div2">... content...
          <div id="your div3">... content...</div></div>
          </div> <!-- closes the wrapper div around all other divs-->

          This will center things horizontally, but the vertical position of your content will not change.
          The divs your div1, 2 and 3 should not be absolutely positioned divs.

          If you're using tables, you can use the align="center" property.

          You may want to read some CSS. If you browse these forums there are a lot of good links to sites on CSS