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    One field per row dynamic list form

      Hi, everyone.

      I am creating a dynamic list form with development toolbox (the same function of MX Nextensio list wizard) in Dreamweaver cs3. My form has many fields. I want to display those fields one per row and not all fields in one row.
      How can I do with my Dreamweaver cs3
      Thank you.
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          I think it would be too difficult to try and modify the dynamic list to display each field on it's own row. There is no quick solution, and you would have to do lots of customization.

          Can you please describe exactly what you are trying to acomplish? Maybe we can give you some alternative suggestions.

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            I have done this. I once was afraid to (i'm no guru!), fearing i'd "break" the list somehow. i did do it, and i didnt break it. (well, in the end at least. trial and error, right.)

            Really, though, (ignoring for a moment the sorting function at the top of each column which i had to sacrifice to do this), all the fields in the rows are just bindings from your recordsets (tNg recordsets if u will, created by ADDT from the dynamic list.)

            u can see - when u click a dynamic field in one of your cells in a row, it highlights that data in the bindings window. So, what i'm getting at, is simply MOVING that binding to any other cell, it will (or, CAN) still work!

            That said, you can start adding new rows, and move each binding to where u want it. So just rearrange em all, and u got it!

            Notes: (repeating mantra first - me no guru, this just my experience). But i DID spend a lot of hours on this exact thing. Much of the other code, in the lists, is related to the sorting headers - which, in my thing, had to be completely sacrificed. i dont know ho mucn you know about all the classes involved in these dynamic lists, but, youll know more after this.

            I hope that's helpful. I sure learned a lot about the "kt" classes generated after dynamic list creation.

            One note: be careful when copying and pasting those bindings, u want to select the div wrapping each one, not just the binding. (or the opposite, but i'd say the first way. either way you want to maintain that consistency. If you have visual aids on, select the bindings by clicking the blue DIV wrapper around each binding.) And, it can take FOREVER, with each move taking many seconds to refresh, or initialize, or addt "catching up with itself". So be patient.

            More than once i did totally break it all, and started over more than once. so live and learn. i created issues for myself when i got greedy and started trying to move the checkboxes & more around. Stick to just new rows, moving just the bindings, and create new labels for your new fields (just labels - without the sorting link ability.) Lastly i'd stick new empty rows at the end, to help it be easy to see where each record ends.

            Hope i helped more than rambled. I enjoy both. :-) i just spent a lot of time doing this and hopefully can aid someone else in their task - as that's certainly what i look for coming here!

            oh yea - and TEST TEST TEST PREVIEW PREIEW PREVIEW every step on the way. do something not just right, skip a preview, do a few more, preview and see a mess....good luck after THAT!

            ben blue